[Herald Review] ‘Zzz’ lulls audience to sleep through onstage performance

A new contemporary performance taking place in Seoul gently lulls its audience to sleep.

The three-hour performance of "Zzz," which kicked off Tuesday at the Quad in Daehagno, allows the audience to lie down and take a nap at any time during the show.

Choreographer Hwang Soo-hyun, known for "Sense of Black" and "Cavae," has long strived to break the barriers between the stage and the audience, delving into unique sensory experiences during her performances.

In April, "Cavae" premiered with the National Contemporary Dance Company, revealing the enigmatic, stadium-like backstage of the Haeoreum Theater.

In "Zzz," Hwang takes her vision to the realm of sleep -- “an often-neglected aspect of human existence.”

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