NCSoft to unveil new titles at G

NCSoft, one of South Korea's major game developers and publishers, is set to showcase its latest entertainment content via various on-site events at the upcoming global game expo, G-Star 2023, to be held in Busan Nov. 16-19.

A total of 200 booths will be featured to have demos, events and special stage zones at Korea's largest game trade show, according to the company, Tuesday.

Visitors can test out three new titles slated for global debut, including shooting game "LLL," action battle brawler "Battle Crush" and collectible role-playing game "Project BSS," by playing them on computers, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms set up at the demo booths.

Additionally, visitors will be entertained with on-site events at the event booths, with a chance to win various prizes in a raffle.

At the special stage booths, visitors will have a unique opportunity to meet with game developers in person to hear more about the details of the showcased game content and their development status.

More information on the program and schedule can be found on the company's official website.

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