The leap of quality in your events

Simpovent is the ultimate solution to event interaction. In addition to having an application with all the information (program, speakers, maps, and much more), attendees constantly participate in interactive activities, such as voting, surveys and discussion forums. 100% configurable, automatable, and with real-time metrics.

Meet Simpovent

Inside the app

Years of research and presence in the environment have allowed us to know and address many of the problems that events / congresses must face on a daily basis and on important occasions. Simpovent is a tool designed and created from scratch, focused on four key scenarios of your event:



Organize and plan your event.



People are coming to the event. Offer more!



Boost your event from within.



Your event has more to offer.


Before your event

  • Create the event itinerary
  • Generate profiles for your speakers
  • Divide the content by theme
  • Wide variety of interactive activities (surveys, evaluations, forums, etc.)
  • Personalize the experience (dashboards with images and custom icons)
  • Sending invitations and notifications


Event Start

  • Instant digital accreditation to the event and to individual talks
  • Free or conditional access to activities (Through accreditation)
  • PUSH Notifications
  • Surveys, evaluations, live questions, downloading material, and much more
  • News wall
  • Private messaging between attendees and speakers


During the event

  • Activity Schedule
  • Speaker Access
  • Favorite content agenda
  • Custom profile
  • Meet all the speakers from the same place
  • Maps of all the rooms of your event
  • Search by topics


After the event

  • Issue certifications at the touch of a button
  • Maintain contact with attendees
  • Promote upcoming events
  • KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Event Analytics for Administrators